Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Dhurringile mansion - Sepia Saturday #340

This week's Sepia Saturday theme is picture postcards.

I have a picture postcard of the Dhurringile mansion from my grandmother's photo album.

My maternal grandparents Archie and Daisy FLEMING lived there for a couple of years. 
My grandfather was employed to teach the boys farming.

You can read more about the mansion HERE

 An excerpt:
"In 1947, Dhurringile was purchased by the Presbyterian Church for use as a home for immigrants boys from the United Kingdom whose fathers had died during the war. The intention was to train the boys in farming methods to prepare them for employment. By this time the homestead was in a deteriorating condition and substantial repairs and alterations were needed. The Dhurringile Rural Training Farm did not open until 13 June 1951. Life in the home was spartan, difficulties were encountered in recruiting boys from Scotland and the scheme had limited success. The Commonwealth Government continued to provide increasing financial support to the home in accordance with an immigration policy to promote British migration, but difficulties persisted and a decision was made in 1964 to close the Dhurringile Rural Training Farm."


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

St. Roch's Glen Iris - Sepia Saturday

My large brick building for this Sepia Saturday post (On Wedndesday!) isn't a bingo hall or a picture palace but a school hall.

Letters, photos, and documents I received from a third cousin in New Zealand included this certificate acknowledging a donation of one pound for the purchase of bricks for the new St Roch's school hall at Glen Iris, a suburb of Melbourne.

The letters were to Mrs. Lavinia MORGAN wife of Alexander MORGAN, my great grand uncle, who died in 1929.  One of their daughters, Mary Agnes MORGAN (1898-1987) was a Catholic Nun who "made her profession" at Melbourne about 1928. 
Perhaps this donation was in his memory.

After reading through other letters to New Zealand from Nora and  May Ursula Tobin who were maternal aunts of the Parish Priest, Patrick LOUGHNAN it appears the family may have become friends through Mary Agnes MORGAN.